Non-Bread Rolls

Shuli from Sanhedria asks: I usually prepare mezonos rolls using fresh orange juice. May I use sh’mittah orange juice for this purpose? One may only use sh’mittah produce in the usually accepted manner. It is accepted practice to squeeze oranges (and lemons) for their juice. There is therefore no problem in making orange juice from… Continue reading Non-Bread Rolls

Mysterious Tomatoes

Yerucham from Neve Ya’acov asks: A tomato plant has recently started growing out of our concrete garden path. Are these tomatoes permitted or do they fall under the category of s’fichin? At this time of year, all tomatoes grown on Jewish-owned land are forbidden because of s’fichin. Even if they grew spontaneously (for example, from… Continue reading Mysterious Tomatoes

Shmita Houseplants

Hannah in Hadera asks: How do I take care of my houseplants during the shmittah year? There are two questions which one has to ask in order to determine the rules for care of houseplants. (a) Are the pots inside the house or outside, in the garden or on an uncovered porch? (b) Is the… Continue reading Shmita Houseplants

Last Minute Rescue

Boruch from Rechovot asks: My aunt, who lives in Yerushalayim, told me that she intends to bring us a jar of home-made apricot jam when she comes to visit this week. When I asked her whether she had performed bi’ur on the apricots (which had to be take place in Ellul), she answered, “These are… Continue reading Last Minute Rescue

Removal Unnecessary?

Kalman from Telzstone asks: My wife is cooking for our son’s bar-mitzvah, which will take place in the middle of Ellul. She is using a number of kedushas shvi’is ingredients, including potatoes. She intends to freeze the food and serve it at the bar-mitzvah seudah (meal). I noticed that the bi’ur period for potatoes starts… Continue reading Removal Unnecessary?

Coins with Kedushah

Leah in Ra’anana asks: The local supermarket has a special offer on my favourite washing powder – three for the price of two. I know that this store is, unfortunately, not sh’mittah observant. However, since the washing powder has no kedushas shvi’is, there should not be any problem in buying it from this store. Is… Continue reading Coins with Kedushah

Lighting With Sh’mittah Oil

Manny from Petach Tikva asks: May I use sh’mittah olive oil for lighting the Chanukah menorah? Sh’mittah oil may be used for lighting (see Chapter 8, Mishna 2 of Tractate Shvi’is). One is deriving a commonly enjoyed benefit from the oil while it is being consumed (hano’oso ubiuro shoveh). One may therefore use sh’mittah olive… Continue reading Lighting With Sh’mittah Oil

Lawn Care (2)

Reuven from Rechavia asks: I live in an apartment block where most residents do not keep sh’mittah. The lawn is watered and trimmed as in other years and not just to keep the grass alive. What action should I take? Do I have to declare my share in the lawn ownerless? I must add that… Continue reading Lawn Care (2)

Baby Bananas

Elana in Har Nof asks: I have a nine-month-old baby. May I feed him sh’mittah bananas? If your baby will eat most of the banana, there is no problem, even if he wastes a little bit of fruit. This is his usual way of eating bananas! (Obviously, any remnants must be placed in the sh’mittah… Continue reading Baby Bananas

Flower Freedom

Chani from Sanhedria asks: My friend told me that one can now buy cut flowers without restriction. Is this correct? Your friend’s statement is inaccurate. As mentioned last week, any non-food product which has had forbidden work done to it is forbidden according to many opinions. This would preclude buying perennials such as roses till… Continue reading Flower Freedom