Flower Freedom

Chani from Sanhedria asks: My friend told me that one can now buy cut flowers without restriction. Is this correct? Your friend’s statement is inaccurate. As mentioned last week, any non-food product which has had forbidden work done to it is forbidden according to many opinions. This would preclude buying perennials such as roses till… Continue reading Flower Freedom

Holy Mushrooms

Aharon from Ramot asks: My wife bought a can of mushrooms with a good hechsher (kosher certification). However, I was surprised to see that there was no mention of whether trumos and ma’asros had been separated nor was there any mention of sh’mittah. Could you please enlighten me? Mushrooms may be popularly considered a vegetable,… Continue reading Holy Mushrooms

Shmita Bin

Danny from Ramat Beit Shemesh asks: What do I do with peels of cucumber and bananas which have kedushas shevi’is? The rule is that any peels of sh’mittah produce which is fit for human or animal consumption has kedushas shevi’is. Even if the peel itself is inedible, if some of the fruit or vegetable flesh… Continue reading Shmita Bin

Kosher Turf

 Nochum from Beit Shemesh asks: I moved into a new apartment last year. I now wish to lay turf (sod) to create a lawn. Are there any sh’mittah problems involved in buying fresh turf? The following information was received from Dr. Moshe Sachs, agronomist for the Centre for Halachic Agriculture. Most turf is cultivated as… Continue reading Kosher Turf

Shmita Games

Malka from Mattersdorf asks: I bought some Otzar Beis Din apricots. Can my children play with the adjuim (the apricot pits)? Your kids can have their fun. Apricot pits are not even fit for animals to eat. They therefore have no kedushas shvi’is. However, if any fruit is left on the pits, it must be… Continue reading Shmita Games

Fruit Source

Anonymous@actcom.co.il asked: Where do Bedatz Eda Chareidis stores obtain their produce in the sh’mittah year? Firstly, these stores operate according to Minhag Yerushalayim, which treats produce grown by non-Jews on non-Jewish owned land in Eretz Yisroel as not having kedushas shevi’is. Furthermore, the Bedatz does not permit any produce which (according to their opinion) has… Continue reading Fruit Source

Whose Pears

Pinny from Petach Tikva asks: We follow the opinion of the Chazon Ish, that produce grown on land owned by non-Jews within the borders of Eretz Yisroel does have kedushas shvi’is. I just acquired a large quantity of pears grown by non-Jews. Am I required to do bi’ur on these fruits? If so, when? Firstly,… Continue reading Whose Pears

Just Bananas!

Beth from Har Nof asks: If I put slices of Oztar Beit Din bananas in my children’s cold cereal and they don’t finish it, can I fish out just the bananas and put them in the sh’mittah pail or must I put whatever is left in the bowl in the pail? Is there any problem… Continue reading Just Bananas!


Moshe in Ramat Beit Shemesh asks: I have heard that produce which grows on Jewish fields in the sh’mittah year is forbidden even if it grows by itself. Why? You are referring to the prohibition of s’fichin (lit. after growth). The Torah only forbids sowing and planting in the sh’mittah year. What was sown or… Continue reading S’fichin

Wine Removal

Chanoch from Achuzat Brachfeld asks: I received a lot of sh’mittah wine for Purim. I know that the time for bi’ur on wine is Erev Pesach. What quantity of wine is exempt from bi’ur? How do I perform bi’ur on the wine? If, when Erev Pesach arrives, a person only has in his possession enough… Continue reading Wine Removal