Olive Oil Ointment

Motty from Talpiot asks: I suffer from chapped hands during the winter. I have heard that olive oil keeps hands smooth. May I use sh’mittah olive oil for this purpose? Strictly speaking, anointing one’s body is a permitted use for sh’mittah olive oil. Rashi in Tractate Succah (40a) explains that anointing is like drinking in… Continue reading Olive Oil Ointment

Simply Soap

Sima from Elad asks: I recently bought a locally produced natural soap. I noticed that the ingredients include herbs and fruit extracts. These could well be from the sh’mittah year. May I use the soap? It is forbidden to convert sh’mittah produce which is fit for human or animal consumption into an inedible form. This… Continue reading Simply Soap

Purim And Sh’mittah

Mordechai from Givat Sha’ul asks: Since Purim is approaching, I would like to know if I may send sh’mittah wine and fruit for mishloach monos. It is forbidden to repay a debt using sh’mittah produce (Tractate Avoda Zoro 62a). The Torah stipulates that sh’mittah produce is meant to be eaten—and not to be traded in.… Continue reading Purim And Sh’mittah

Can Care

Rochel from Romema asks: I bought my usual brand of canned pickles at the local strictly kosher supermarket. However, when I arrived home I noticed that the cans contained non-Jewish produce. We follow the opinion of the Chazon Ish. Is there anything special I have to do with these pickles? The time for bi’ur on… Continue reading Can Care

Wine Removal

Chanoch from Achuzat Brachfeld asks: I received a lot of sh’mittah wine for Purim. I know that the time for bi’ur on wine is Erev Pesach. What quantity of wine is exempt from bi’ur? How do I perform bi’ur on the wine? If, when Erev Pesach arrives, a person only has in his possession enough… Continue reading Wine Removal